zaterdag 11 februari 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A gunslinging scammersduo works together to find a fortune of gold before a thirth gets to it.

Further Summary:

During the American Civil War, the gunfighter Blondie (The Good) and the wanted Mexican outlaw Tuco (The Ugly) signed a deal: Blondie turns in Tuco to a sheriff for a high reward only to save him at the last moment and to flee away. This plan has worked several times successfully. When on the road they hear from the dying officer Bill Carson about a stolen box with $ 200,000 in gold coins. Along the way, Blondie and Tuco meet the ruthless bounty hunter Angel Eyes (The Bad), who also has his eyes on the box..

Qualities: must see classic spaghetti western, Clint Eastwood

NOTE: to fully appreciate this movie, you absolutely have to watch it on a big screen, this is not one to view on your ipod on the train

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