zondag 29 januari 2012

Mr. Nobody

In the year 2092, the confused, 118 year old Nemo tries to tell his lifestory to a reporter.

Further Summary:

2092. The 117-year-old Nemo Nobody is the oldest man on earth and the last mortal person in a world where everyone lives forever. The only question that haunts him is whether he has lived the right life, loved the right woman. As a boy he has to make an impossible choice: to get on the train with his mother or to stay behind with his father. One choice, but with very different lives as a result. The film follows Nemo throughout all his different lives, whether dream or reality ...

Qualities: absolutely brilliant movie, this is a must-watch

NOTE: the lenght of this movie is 2h30 so only watch it when you can make some time

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