donderdag 26 januari 2012

The Machinist

An extremely underweight machinist who suffers from insomniac is loosing his mind.

Further Summary:

Trevor Reznik hasn't slept for an entire year and starts seeing things that aren't there. During his work an accident occures. He knows that he is the cause of this, but claims to have been distracted by a mysterious man. Who is this man and what is the cause of this insomniac?

Qualities: The movie gives away right from the start that there is going to be a major plotwist, but by always being one step ahead of the viewer the thought of having the movie all figured out before the end is merely an illusion, Lots of seeding so definitly worth a second view, Christian Bale

NOTE:  Bale reduced his bodymass to 54 kilograms for this role.

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