maandag 16 januari 2012

A Clockwork Orange

A criminal and his friends terrorize people in future brittain.
On of them goes to jail and volunteers to take part in an experimental aversion therapy.

Further Summary:

Great Britain, the future: a group of teenagers go out every night with the sole purpose of leaving behind a trail of destruction. They beat and rape helpless victims. As one of the boys is arrested, he agrees to undergo a specific therapy. When he is finally released, he hates violence, but then the problems start piling up..

QUALITIES:  hard and cold, very aplicable to today's society

4 opmerkingen:

  1. i've watched this haha. crazy scenes i must say

  2. My favorite Kubrick flick :)

  3. Definately one of the strangest movies I have ever watched. I had to watch it several times to clear things up. :D